A Proud Israeli Arab Muslim Zionist
One of Israels greatest patriots and social network activists is Mohammad Zoabi, a young I...
published: 04 Jun 2014
The 50 Years War: Israel And The Arabs -- Complete Documentary: Episode 1 of 2
Award-winning PBS documentary on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The conflict in the Middle E...
published: 15 Apr 2013
Arab Israelis: How do you define your identity?
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA66B966BE0047599 http://www.wix.com/coreygilshuster...
published: 09 Apr 2013
Israeli Arabs: What are the differences between Israel and Arab countries?
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... http://www.wix.com/coreygilshuster/un... Want to ...
published: 30 Jan 2014
Sex with Jewish girl costs Arab man 18 months in Israeli jail
In Israel, an Arab man has been sentenced to 18 months for 'rape by deception'. Sabbar Kas...
published: 22 Jul 2010
author: RussiaToday
Anett Haskia Israeli Arab and proud Zionist: Israel is freedom!
Anett Haskia about being Israeli Arab and a proud Zionist in Israel. https://www.facebook....
published: 11 Jun 2013
author: sjdwatch
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Explained: World History Review
If you are walking around without the basics on Israel, Palestine and the general Arab-Isr...
published: 19 Mar 2014
Israeli Arab Conflict Explained
Israel Arab Conflict Explained in a very simple way https://www.facebook.com/israeltrippla...
published: 17 Nov 2012
Israeli Arabs: Will you serve in the Israeli army?
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... http://www.wix.com/coreygilshuster/un... Want to ...
published: 16 Mar 2014
Ulfat, an Arab-Israeli woman athlete seeking peace
http://www.twitter.com/Israel Ulfat Khaider is the fascinating star of this video, the fir...
published: 24 Apr 2013
author: Israel
Israeli Arabs: Is Israel an Apartheid state?
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... http://www.wix.com/coreygilshuster/un... Want to ...
published: 23 Feb 2014
1967 Arab-Israeli War - part 1/6
The Six-Day War, also known as the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the Third Arab-Israeli War, Six...
published: 31 Oct 2008
Interviewing Mohammad Zoabi - Describes Himself as an Israeli, Zionist. Arab, Muslim.
A great honor of interviewing Mohammad Zoabi... A future leader in the Democratic State of...
published: 07 Apr 2014
Female Arab Soldier: "I Came to Serve My Country and My Home"
Monaliza Abdo is Arab, Christian, Israeli and a defender of Jews and minorities alike. She...
published: 04 Feb 2014
Youtube results:
Anti-Arab Sentiment in Israel
This short film, documents the Israeli side of our 2011 public opinion survey in Israel an...
published: 11 Aug 2011
Racist Raids: Anti-Arab violence by Jewish youth on rise in Israel
With street violence against Arabs and the number of 'price tag' attacks, often involving ...
published: 09 Jun 2013
author: RussiaToday
Israelis: Do you speak Arabic?
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... http://www.wix.com/coreygilshuster/un... Want to ...
published: 16 Jan 2014
First Israeli Arab woman plastic surgeon
For Dr. Rania Elkhatib, the first Israeli Arab woman to become a plastic surgeon in Israel...
published: 27 Dec 2010
author: Israel